Founded in 2012, is the only Professional Association of Insurance Brokers in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg that is recognised by the official bodies of the sector and the political authorities of the Grand Duchy.

Supported by the missions of information, training and consultation which are its responsibility, the association ensures the representativeness of the profession at national and international level in order to defend the interests of the brokerage and its members.

Life and non-life commissions

Within these two separate commissions, members work in depth on more targeted subjects related to their respective activities.

The aim is to

To make the association more and more capable of responding to the specific needs and demands of professionals faced with market developments and the most complex legislative constraints.

Activities of the two commissions

  • preparing APCAL’s position vis-à-vis the authorities and on any regulatory project;
  • to analyse specific issues and propose solutions;
  • to promote the life and non-life business of the Luxembourg market;
  • to improve the quality of the brokers’ service;
  • to answer all questions and concerns of APCAL members;
  • to provide its members with contractual documents compliant with the legislation in force in Luxembourg and in various countries.

Our statutes

APCAL offers you below a publication of the latest version of the statutes as amended by the Extraordinary General Meeting of 03/21/2022 and filed with the RCS. Our association was registered on 9/11/2012. Our association was registered on 9/11/2012.

PDF document – APCAL Coordinated Statutes

Board of Directors

President : Catherine Lesourd

Vice-Presidents :
Chairman of the Life Commission: Murielle Wuidar
Chairman of the Non-Life Commission: Edouard Georges

Treasurer: Murielle Wuidar

Directors :Bert Bouton, Lorenzo Stipulante, Martine Schreiner, Pierre Wax

Alternate directors : Alain Courson, Murielle Daval, Gaël de Miomandre, Jacques Emsix, Serge Jamet, Matthieu Meyer, Bruno Cox

Organization APCAL Luxembourg

Code of ethics

Code of ethics

PDF PDF – APCAL document – Cofe of ethics


PDF – APCAL document – Quality charter of the insurance broker


Vincent Demeuse

Tel.: +352 621 17 26 76
Email : vincent.demeuse@apcal.lu

Development Coordinator

Nathalie Schuh

Tel.: +33 6 19 86 12 81
Email : nathalie.schuh@apcal.lu