Sustainable Finance – BIPAR Memo – State of affairs

Executive summary

This BIPAR Memo aims to provide an overview of the new rules that will start or already started to apply with respect to sustainability in order to assist you in your work to guide the intermediaries in your country.

To the BIPAR member associations

Dear Members,
In August 2022 insurance and financial intermediaries will be required to comply with a series of  sustainability-related obligations.
We would like to assist you in your association’s work preparing your members for the new requirements (the sustainable agenda will also bring opportunities for intermediaries …). Over the last year we sent you on a  regular basis updates on regulatory initiatives related to sustainable finance.
In the attached memo (and Annex II and Annex III) we have compiled all this information in order to give you a practical overview of the requirements as they are known at this moment.
In the coming weeks and months we will organise some webinars on sustainable finance. Also we have a working party If you have people/experts in your membership who are interested in participating to the WP meetings, please let us know.


A BIPAR Working Party on Sustainable Finance has been set up.
We are planning to organise a webinar on sustainable finance in the coming months. We will keep you informed.