is the professional association of insurance brokers of Luxembourg. It was created in 2012. It includes more than 70 brokers or brokerage companies, who represent the large majority of active players.

By carrying out the information, training and consultation missions incumbent on it, the association assures the representativeness of the profession at the national and international levels in order to defend the interests of the brokerage and its members.

Join APCAL, is being part of more than 70 brokers defending the insurance brokerage



Committies and working groups


Legal advice

Life and non Life Committees

Within these two separate committees, the members work in depth on more targeted subjects in relation to their respective activities. The aim: to make the association increasingly able to meet the specific needs and requests of the professionals facing market trends and the most complex legislative constraints. The activities of the two commissions include:

  • preparing the position of APCAL vis-à-vis the authorities and on any draft regulation;
  • analysing specific topics and suggesting solutions;
  • promoting the LIFE and NON-LIFE activity in the Luxembourg market;
  • improving the quality of service provided by the brokers;
  • answering any questions or concerns of APCAL members;
  • providing its members with contractual broker documents that are “compliant” with the regulations in force in Luxembourg and in different countries.


APCAL is committed to offering training and to invite its members and future members to specific conferences and training courses in order to best prepare them for the challenges of the profession, to facilitate access to the profession and enable them to comply with the obligations.


APCAL, through its members and advisors, is also particularly active with the Insurance Commissariat (CAA) as well as with BIPAR, the European federation of insurance intermediaries. Our list of actions and initiatives is still long, including our lobbying activities, as well as our many, as well as our voices will be heard and defended our interests defended only on the spot, but also outside our borders.