Insurance mediation ACA-APCAL

The ACA-APCAL mediation procedure aims to resolve disputes between insurers and brokers licensed or registered in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is a conventional mediation between professionals, implemented either on the joint request of the parties or at the request of one of them with the aim of having the mediation body ACA-APCAL propose mediation to the other party.

The introduction of a request for mediation implies a certain formalism.

To make your application easier to support, your file must include:

– The application form duly completed with your identity, your contact details as well as those of the concerned insurance company and a summary of the dispute;
– The exchanges of corresondance with the insurance company relating to the dispute;
– The copies of the contrat(s) concerned by your dispute;
– All the documents you deem useful for the study of your file.

In your interest, please send copies of the documents and keep the originals.